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Highway Patrol out in force

RISKY: Police are warning holiday makers to slow down. Picture: Marina NeilTHINK twice before getting behind the wheel today if you’ve been drinking or partying to seein the New Year, police have warned.

While most people were enjoying a day off on Friday, Highway patrol officers were out in force across the Hunter pulling over drivers at three stationary Random Breath Testing sites.

Police are on the lookout for speeding and drunk drivers, and those driving under the influence of drugs.

Across NSW, there have been 12,833 speeding tickets issued during Operation Safe Arrival, up to and including day 14.

There have been 820 PCA charges laid, 1174 major crashes and 15 fatalities on the state’s roads.

With holiday makers back on the roads after New Year’s Eve celebrations, NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Commander, Assistant Commissioner John Hartley, warned drivers rushing the start to their trip.

“The current Operation Arrive Alive road toll stands at six more than at the same time last year,’’ he said.

“Driving over the signed speed limit is simply foolish – it’s not only your own life you’re putting at risk, but other innocent lives of motorists and road users around you.

“If you are involved in a high-speed crash, you not only risk losing your life, but if you survive, you can end up living with a debilitating life-long injury, that affects not only you, but your loved ones and the community.

“Wherever you travel to, expect to see police on the roads. We will continue to target drivers and riders who insist on breaking the law, and I make no apology for that,” he said.

​As part of Operation Arrive Alive, double demerit points will apply for speeding, mobile phone use, seatbelt and helmet use. Double demerits will apply from 24 December 2015 to January 3 2016 and from 22 January 2016 to 26 January 2016 inclusive.

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