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Bus driver caught texting and driving stood down


A Gong Shuttle driver has been stood down after beingfilmed texting and driving.

The 21-second video, filmed on Tuesday afternoon, shows the buswestbound onBourke Street, waiting at the traffic lightsto turn right towards Stuart Park

While the driver waits, hescrollsthrough his phone withhis arms resting on the wheel.

The bus moves forward twice, and both times the driver keeps using his phone, steeringwith his arms.

Thevideo was filmed by a passenger and posted to Facebook.

The passenger said she caught the shuttle to work in Wollongong regularly but this was the first time she had seen a driver using their phone.

She said the bus was full and she had to stand until Cliff Road, when she found a seat at the front of the bus with a view of the driver.

“Inoticed he picked up his phone and he was usingthat when he was stopped at the traffic lights,” the passenger said.

“You can see in the video when he started to go he was still using his phone and looking up at the road and looking down at his phone.”

She filmed him using the phone before asking him to stop, to which she said he told her to “stress less”.

But he did stop using the phone from that point until the passenger left the bus at Fairy Meadow.

The passenger described seeing the bus driver using his phone as “scary”.

“It just takes one second. There could have been a passengerwalkingacross the roadand he wouldn’t have taken notice of that.”

The Gong Shuttle is operated by Premier Illawarra withNSW government funding.

It is understood the driver has been stood down pending further investigation.

“We have ensured Premier Illawarra are aware of their responsibilities and they are taking the necessary steps to discipline the driver in question,” a Transport for NSW spokesman said.

“Premier Illawarra have also advised us that the incident has been reported to the relevant authorities.

“Premier Illawarra will remind all their drivers not to use their mobile phone for any purpose while on the job and always follow the road rules.”

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