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Brahmans to bring Dalrymple to life

Big Country Brahman Sale coordinator and auctioneer Ken McCaffrey is looking forward to welcoming sale visitors to this year�s event in Charters Towers.NORTHERN Australia’s leading Brahman sale will jolt the 2011 stud cattle selling season into action at Dalrymple Saleyards, Charters Towers on Monday and Tuesday, February 7 and 8.

Sale agents McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing of Rockhampton and Geaney’s of Charters Towers have catalogued an impressive line up of 240 lots drawn from leading Brahman Studs of Central and northern Queensland and also the Darling Downs.

Sale buyers will have the opportunity to secure high-quality, beef industry aligned Brahman seedstock from industry-leading studs such as Lancefield, Tartrus, Lanes Creek, Raglan, Hamdenvale, Somerview, Abbotsford, Eureka Creek, Pioneer Park, Clukan, Renco, Kenilworth, Maru, Crinum, Blue Dog, Char Walla, Christoda’s Way, GI, Huonfels, Mooloo, Myrtledale and more.

“We are pleased that we have a larger number of consistent lines of good bulls this year, and leading those lines are stud sire prospects of the highest credentials in bloodlines and on type,” Ken McCaffrey said.

It is the 18th year for the Big Country Brahman Sale, an event that has grown in prominence and prestige to now field regular buyer inquiry from New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Queensland-wide.

Sale agents have kept their ears open over the years, listening to suggestions from buyers and vendors and initiating many improvements which have led to the event becoming renowned for being extremely “user friendly”.

There is a sizable list-of-sale procedures and standards first implemented at Big Country which have now been adopted by many other major sales.

“We pride ourselves on running a genuine sale with high standards of integrity, proprietary and care for the interests of our buyers and vendors,” Mr McCaffrey said.

It is those standards and our commitment to source an offering of leading-edge Brahman cattle for this sale in the North which has established us a very loyal, repeat buyer clientele.”

The sale has retained its two-day format, selling on the afternoon of day one and the morning and early afternoon of day two. The auction will begin at 1pm on Monday, February 7 with a line up of 54 Red Brahman select sires and herd bulls.

The important and increasing recent industry demand from cattle producers seeking poll cattle is well catered for in the reds, with 28 bulls in the section either poll or scurred. A total 100 percent clearance of the red bull section last year is testimony to the high standard of industry suitability of bulls that red studmasters select to sell at the Big Country Sale.

This year is no exception, with many exciting stud sire prospects entered from studs that have a proven record of breeding successful sires for use in the central and northern districts. “Importantly for buyers there is an attractive selection of bulls suited to different budget ranges from which to make their choices,” Mr McCaffrey said.

Noted proven sires of the red industry including Bizzy Brutus, Tartrus Redmount, Fairy Springs Red Rio, Palmvale Brooklyn, NCC Zambezi, Mr Fontenot 311,Mr Winchester Magnum 999, Fairy Springs Red Leader, Mr 3H X-Ray, Jileaba Robson, etc, all have sire sons in the sale.

Following the red bulls there will be a break of about 1? hours before selling begins again at 4.30pm with the 36 ‘Brahman Belles’ select stud heifers and six prestige semen packages. Values for Brahman females have declined markedly since the boom years of 2005, 2006 and 2007. However, astute industry participants consider now is a good time for progressive breeders to invest in quality, well-bred stud females.

“It’s like the sharemarket – you can buy the best of the stud females now for around half the price or less than what you had to pay in those boom years,” Jim Geaney said

“That would appear to me to be a very smart investment for anyone who is looking to the future in the stud Brahman business.”

Five of the sale’s attractive red heifer offering are polls.

The sirelines of the 19 grey heifers catalogued reads like a “who’s who” of many of the breed’s modern-day, high-profile imports.

Studmasters will have the rare opportunity to select from heifers by JDH Datapack Manso, JDH Karu Manso, JDH Martin Manso, JDH Mr Echo Manso, Mr RB 240/2 Bombon and others by Hudgins sires Burgess, Brett, Boettcher, Palacois, Frisco and Neito and the highly regarded FBC Jacko De Manso. 15 of the 19 are either full Hudgins or full-import bloodlines.

To go with buyers’ heifer purchases the sale has semen packages in the grey sires JDH Duke De Manso, PBF Harper Manso, Tartrus Aristotle Manso, Mr V8 The Rock 846 and the red sire import VL Rojo Grande 15/2 to be offered.

A total of 140 Grey Brahman select sires and herd bulls will be presented through the sale ring from 8:30am on Tuesday, February 8. Fifty-two of them are of full Hudgins/full-import bloodlines featuring sirelines including the JD Hudgins imports JDH Mr Echo Manso, Sir Parker Manso, Winston Manso, Fredrick De Manso, Karu Manso, Mr Deeds Manso, Martin De Manso, Burgess Manso, Boettcher Manso, Atlas Manso, Pecos Manso, Sir Andre Manso, Mr Manso 258/4, as well as the highly sought after sirelines of Lancefield Burton Manso, Lancefield Moreton, Lancefield Banjo Manso, Lancefield D Doncaster, Tartrus Aristotle Manso, El Ja Trademark Manso, NCC Lox 280, Kabala Laureate, FBC Jacko De Manso, Mr V8 440/4, Brahrock Details, etc.

Poll bull buyers too will have good opportunity to select in the greys with 24 bulls poll or scurred.

Attractive to buyers also is the number of large, consistent lines of grey bulls specially reserved for the Big Country Sale by their breeders.

“It has a Brahman Week feel about it in that buyers, whether they want one sire or a deck load of quality herd bulls, can really sink their teeth into the attractive, even drafts,” Jim Geaney said. Vendors with the largest teams of impressive grey sires include Mooloo (16 bulls), Char Walla Brahmans (11 bulls), Maru (nine bulls), Raglan Brahmans (nine bulls), Burdekin Brahmans (nine bulls), Clukan Stud (eight bulls), Tartrus Brahmans (seven bulls) and Lanes Creek Brahman Stud (seven bulls).

Volume bull buyers (individual buyers of eight bulls or more) at the sale will also benefit from the Buyer Rebate Bonus. This rebate increases as the number of bulls purchased reaches set higher levels.

Another procedure retained by the sale and appreciated by prospective buyers is its $2,000 upset starting price. Herd bull buyers considering attending the sale can take confidence from the fact that in 2010 nearly 80pc of the bull offering, 126 bulls, sold in the price range from $2000 to $4000.

“Considering the quality of the selected bulls in the Sale, that’s outstanding value for money buying,” Ken McCaffrey said.

Ken McCaffrey and Jim Geaney have a feeling that the Big Country Brahman Sale will start a very positive year for the beef cattle industry of Central and Northern Australia. They are confident that seasonal and market conditions show a lot of promise for beef producers in 2011, and they believe that prospects for the industry are stronger than they have been for some time.

“It is the time for producers to invest in herd performance through better genetics, so that they can take advantage of the combination of expected good seasons and a more buoyant market for their livestock,” Ken McCaffrey said.

“This Big Country Brahman Sale is ideally placed for Northern producers to make that investment.”

* Sale catalogues, accommodation bookings, etc, are available from McCaffrey’s Australian Livestock Marketing, Rockhampton (07) 4922 6311 or Geaney’s, Charters Towers (07) 4787 4000. Catalogues also available online at 梧桐夜网brahman南京夜网419论坛

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